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Cirugía Estética, Plástica y Reparadora


How you feel?

How do you want to feel?

Dr Brasó

Pioneer in Spain of the high definition Liposculpture with Vaser Lipo , in addition to being specialist in breast surgery.


Since the beginning, Dr. Brasó has managed to create a cohesive team , both in the operating room and in the facilities of the clinic, capable of giving a patient care service pre and post operative first level, which translates into more than 7.000 surgeries and a consolidated reputation based on professionalism, humanity and trust.

Specialist in High Definition Liposculpture with Vaser Lipo

A revolution that eliminates fat and defines an athletic figure without a prosthesis.


“I never create false expectations, but if a patient thinks that after an intervention he will be happier, I tell him to go ahead.”


Dr. Cristina Brasó

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Painless surgery

We apply a revolutionary anesthesia technique that makes the post-operative much lighter and the recovery quicker and more effective. Thanks to it, we practice the best surgery with the least possible pain, valuing patient safety at all times.


“In anesthesiology, the doses are established, but they are very wide and we adapt them to each case. I believe that each person is different, I do not believe in recipes.”


Dr. Juan Bernardo Schuitemaker

No son 7.000 cirugías.
Son 7.000 personas que se sienten mejor.