Dr. Cristina Brasó offers the best surgery with the least possible pain thanks to the exclusive technique of Dr. Juan Bernardo Schuitemaker, the team’s anesthetist, who provides patients, during each intervention, with a revolutionary analgesic method based on nerve blocks.

This consists of interrupting the painful impulse, preventing its arrival at the receptor centers of the central nervous system. “With the help of the ultrasound scanner I look for nerves or nerve paths and put the needle around them,” explains Schuitemaker.

“After surgery, local pain is covered for a few days, allowing the patient’s recovery process to be virtually painless.”

It is a selective, reversible and temporary procedure to treat peripheral pain, minimizing the side effects of surgery. Nerve block prevents sequelae in operations and is especially indicated in highly complex and long-lasting operations, such as Lipofit4D with Vaser Lipo, allowing up to four muscle groups to be treated in a single operation, and combining it with other surgeries, such as lipolling, abdominoplasty and mammoplasty. Dr. Schuitemaker clarifies that once the treatment is delivered, he is in charge of monitoring the patient’s heart rate to ensure that psychological pain does not occur and that it passes safely.

Juan Bernardo Schuitemaker, anesthesiologist, member of the Dra. Brasó surgical team and creator of the anesthetic technique of nerve blocks.

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