What is mastectomy for transsexual patients

Mastectomía transgénero

Mastectomy for transsexual patients is an increasingly requested surgery since the transsexual group is increasingly socially recognized and, in addition, there is great communication between them thanks to the Internet and Social Networks. What is the purpose of mastectomy in transsexual patients? The objective of a mastectomy in transsexual patients is to extract the mammary […]

Dr. Cristina Brasó talks about the latest innovation in breast augmentation

Antes y después mamoplastia de aumento

The bust is one of the areas that most worries women and can be a source of complexes or insecurities. For this reason, more and more girls are deciding on a breast augmentation intervention. Dr. Brasó has gone a step beyond breast implants and tells us the details of the Lipofit4D technique to increase size. […]

Minors and cosmetic surgery. Is it recommended?

When faced with cosmetic surgery in minors, the big question is when is it advisable to go through the operating room and when not. We recommend cosmetic surgery for minors when “the complex alters their proper psychological and relationship development.” The two most frequent cosmetic surgery interventions in minors are: Otoplasty, surgery that corrects prominent […]

Because sometimes reducing is winning (in health)

Antes y después mamoplastia de reducción

If you have always had a large bust, you will know the inconveniences that it can cause: back and neck pain, breathing difficulties… Not to mention the discomfort and lack of bodily harmony that they can imply. Find out how Dr. Cristina Brasó can help you: reduction mammoplasty is the solution. Reduction mammoplasty: oranother way […]