Because sometimes reducing is winning (in health)

Doctora Brasó
Antes y después mamoplastia de reducción

If you have always had a large bust, you will know the inconveniences that it can cause: back and neck pain, breathing difficulties… Not to mention the discomfort and lack of bodily harmony that they can imply. Find out how Dr. Cristina Brasó can help you: reduction mammoplasty is the solution.

Reduction mammoplasty: oranother way to achieve a harmonious bust

When we talk about breast surgery, we normally think of an augmentation, but reduction mammoplasty is also a highly requested surgery. Sometimes, to achieve a more balanced figure, a woman will require this operation. Although it is not only an aesthetic issue; In many cases, reducing the size of excessively large breasts is necessary to gain comfort and, above all, health. It can help prevent many ailments such as neck or back pain, skin irritations, or even breathing difficulties.

Reduction mammoplasty manages to reduce the volume of the breast by removing fat, breast tissue and skin, to obtain balanced, lighter, firmer and more beautiful breasts. In some cases, in addition, fat extracted from another part of the body can be transferred and injected into the pectoral muscle. In this way, the upper pole of the chest does not become so hollow, something very common in excessively large breasts, which tend to be sagging.

As in the augmentation operation, in this case general anesthesia is required, a night of admission and a recovery of about 10 days to be able to return to work with absolute normality.