Blepharoplasty: rejuvenated look and without the appearance of fatigue

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Blefaroplastia antes y después

Blepharoplasty is plastic surgery designed to improve the area around the eyes. Whether it is the upper blepharoplasty, which corrects the sagging skin in the upper part of the eyelid, or the lower blepharoplasty, which acts on the bags that appear with age in the lower area of ​​the eyes.

What does upper blepharoplasty correct?

Upper eyelid surgery involves removing excess skin and sometimes excess fat. With the upper blepharoplasty, greater lucidity is achieved in the gaze, larger-looking eyes and many patients even say that they notice an improvement in the reception of light in the lateral part of the eye since this angle was previously covered by the skin. and prevented a correct entry of light.

What does lower blepharoplasty correct?

The removal of eye bags is called lower blepharoplasty. There are two ways to eliminate the bags, either by transconjunctival route in which it acts through the conjunctiva, that is, the mucosal area inside the eye, or the skin of the area outside the bag.

Depending on the state of the bags under the eyes of the patient, the lower blepharoplasty will be performed in one way or another. If it is necessary to remove the excess skin of the lower eyelid, the bag is accessed through the outside of the eye, in those cases in which it is not necessary to remove skin, the bag is accessed through the conjunctiva.

How is a blepharoplasty?

The most important thing in an eye surgery is not to modify the natural shape of the eye, maintaining its usual shape. In a blepharoplasty, the excess skin is removed and the bags are eliminated without affecting in any way the anatomy and the shape of the eye of each person.

What are the benefits of a blepharoplasty?

What most patients demand in a blepharoplasty is to eliminate the appearance of fatigue. With this plastic surgery it is possible to rejuvenate the look, maintaining a younger and more awake appearance of the eye area for years.

How long does a blepharoplasty intervention last?

An intervention in which both the upper and lower blepharoplasty are performed lasts approximately one and a half hours. If it is an intervention in which only the upper blepharoplasty is performed, the duration is usually about 45 minutes and it can be performed under local anesthesia.

The post-operative of blepharoplasty

One of the aspects that most worries patients is the inflammation that may occur after blepharoplasty.

Indeed, after an eyelid or bag surgery there is inflammation but with our post-operative treatment we manage to minimize this swelling. Through a follow-up after the blepharoplasty with the combination of lymphatic drainage on the skin and the face area and the treatment with the Vacuum machine that activates the lymphatic and venous circulation, less inflammation is achieved in the operated area and the consequent recovery. faster.

What are the post-operative care of blepharoplasty?

After performing a blepharoplasty, we advise our patients the following basic care:

1 – Sleep with your head slightly raised for a few days to facilitate circulation

2 – Application of cold compresses in the eye area

3 – Take an antibiotic and for a few days apply eye drops to keep your eyes hydrated and an eye ointment to lubricate them

The combination of these basic care after blepharoplasty, with our post-operative treatment through lymphatic drainage and Vacuum therapy, ensures less inflammation and faster recovery.

For whom is a blepharoplasty indicated?

The people who benefit most from a blepharoplasty are those who have large bags under the eyes that make them look tired without being so. Blepharoplasty is also indicated for people who suffer from a drooping of the upper eyelid over the eyes.

It should be noted that in those people who suffer from drooping eyelids caused by drooping eyebrows, blepharoplasty can be combined with brow lift surgery.

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