Dr. Cristina Brasó talks about the latest innovation in breast augmentation

Doctora Brasó
Antes y después mamoplastia de aumento

The bust is one of the areas that most worries women and can be a source of complexes or insecurities. For this reason, more and more girls are deciding on a breast augmentation intervention. Dr. Brasó has gone a step beyond breast implants and tells us the details of the Lipofit4D technique to increase size.

The Lipofit4D technique, exclusive to Tintoré Brasó, is perfect for modeling the body and its advantages also extend to breast augmentation operations. Can you explain to us what exactly you sewed on?
If the patient has some accumulation of fat, like almost all women, even if they are thin, we remove a little of that fat. Then we treat it with ultrasound to break up the cells and make them viable. Then we implant the treated fat in the chest area: under the muscle, between the muscle fibers and in the area of ​​the mammary subcutaneous gland. We apply it in several planes so that it is not absorbed, but instead increases the volume of the bust.

What advantages does this technique have compared to a traditional breast augmentation operation in which prostheses are used?
Many. In the first place, in addition to improving the bust, we eliminate localized fat that the patient does not want and that is usually very resistant to diets; In this way, we solve two problems in a single intervention. In addition, the recovery is much faster. Finally, the implants of the own fat allow to model a lot the shape of the breast. For example, if the chest is very separated or the lower pole is not very rounded, it can be corrected with the fat, something that we cannot do with traditional implants. The result is usually much more natural and harmonious.

If it’s two operations in one, how come the recovery is so fast? No more scars?
No. With breast prostheses, the lower part of the muscle has to be cut and peeled off to put the implant underneath. In contrast, the Lipofit4D breast augmentation is performed with a 3mm microcannula that is inserted from the fold of the armpit. With this blunt microcannula we are applying fat cell lines throughout the thickness of the breast and the muscle, without damaging the musculature at all, so the bust does not suffer. Afterwards, you don’t need so much rest.

As for liposuction, it is a small intervention. In the chosen area (cartridge belts, posterior lumbar area, abdomen…) there is no scar, since only 3-4 mm microincisions are made that leave no mark. Perhaps this area can be a bit more bothersome, but our anesthesiologist performs nerve blocks to minimize pain as much as possible.

In summary, although the procedure itself is a little longer (not much), it can be done as day surgery, and the patient can be back at work in two or three days.

What type of patient is Lipofit4D for breast augmentation indicated for?
In principle, for any type of patient. It must be taken into consideration, yes, that with this technique you only increase one size, or a little more. The fat that we can implant is limited, because if we put a lot of it, it ends up being absorbed in the receiving area. In any case, if a more noticeable breast augmentation is desired, prostheses can also be placed later. And the result will be even more beautiful and natural.

Are the results lasting?
Totally. They are forever. The cells that have survived become part of the body itself, they never disappear. Of course, if the patient changes her weight, those cells will lose weight or gain weight with her, so the size of her breast will remain proportional. What will not change is the area from which she has removed fat. Those cells won’t come back.