Dra. Cristina Brasó – Technique, confidence and art

Doctora Brasó

Dr. Brasó has been awarded the award for Best Plastic Surgeon in High Definition Liposculpture/Lipovaser.

The Plastic Surgery sector is constantly evolving. Life expectancy is increasing and we all want to age less and be healthier to improve our quality of life in the years that we still have left. For this reason, more and more treatments and technologies appear. All of them less aggressive and seeking, increasingly, the
naturalness. Examples of this can be remodeling with one’s own fat without implants, regenerative treatments, prp, stem cells, more innocuous lasers, etc. «In the end, the aim is to feel younger and always maintain elegance by fleeing
of exuberance”, comments Dr. Cristina Brasó.

She always works from the closeness, honesty and trust that she transmits to each of her patients, and that is how they make her notice, she explains that “I always give my best. I am self-demanding, I never do anything without conviction and I never create false expectations. I explain the pros and cons and advise or advise against if I think there are no possibilities
improvement”. But not only is this proximity to the patient what has made it worthy of the award, it is also the result of being up to date with new trends and technologies.

In fact, Dr. Brasó was a pioneer in Spain in the introduction of high definition liposculpture. This technique, beyond being possible thanks to new advances in the field of cosmetic surgery, only leads to good results if the person who performs it has an eye that goes beyond what other mortals see.

An artistic vision combined with medical knowledge, on the other hand, essential. «Artistic vision is required to analyze well what each patient needs, because the creative aspect is very important, in addition to having surgical skill. The combination of the two faculties led me to position myself among the best in the country”, declares the doctor. An old proverb says that if you want to walk fast, walk alone; If you want to walk far, do it accompanied. This is carried out to perfection by Dr. Brasó, since she has surrounded herself with an unbeatable team of professionals who accompany her in all of her interventions.

Remarkable is the role of Dr. Schuitemaker, who leads his team of top-level anesthesiologists. «For the safety and comfort of my patients, Dr. Schuitemaker’s team of anesthesiologists perform ultrasound-guided nerve blocks in all the areas of the body to be operated on in all my surgeries, so that patients have much less pain in the postoperative period » explains the doctor.

Constant changes
The Plastic Surgery sector is constantly evolving, and Dr. Brasó does not plan to be left behind in these constant changes. “I am currently introducing the technology for the healing and improvement of Lipedema with the introduction of a specific post-operative treatment protocol to speed recovery.” Aesthetics, health and confidence come together in Dr. Cristina Brasó, winner of the award for Best Plastic Surgeon in High Definition Liposculpture/Lipovaser.

«I am introducing the technology for the cure and improvement of Lipedema through a specific protocol»

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