Breast augmentation | Post-operative without pain thanks to nerve blocks

Doctora Brasó
Dr. Bernardo Schuitemaker

The most common technique that we use for a breast augmentation is to place the breast prosthesis behind the pectoral muscle since it is the one that provides much better aesthetic results. The drawback of this surgical technique compared to the sub-glandular placement is that it is much more painful and recovery is slower.

What is the painless post-operative period of a breast augmentation?

In our case, more than five years ago our anesthesiologist and his team designed a technique using nerve blocks directed by a high-definition ultrasound machine.

This nerve block is performed before starting the breast augmentation procedure and consists of locating the main sensory nerves that transmit pain both in the breast tissue and in the pectoral muscle. Through the skin, guided by the ultrasound screen, a long-lasting local anesthetic is injected throughout its course.

In this way, between 80 and 100% of the post-operative pain in a breast augmentation is suppressed thanks to the nerve block. Patients have a spectacular comfort in the post-operative period, they hardly need to take medication and it facilitates a very fast recovery.

In addition, we complement with a post-operative treatment program that consists of a combination of lymphatic massage, external ultrasound and low pressure chamber. This program allows the recovery after breast augmentation surgery to be faster, the risk of capsular contracture to drop enormously and the patient to return to her daily life quickly.

After a breast augmentation, how long should the post-operative bandage and the specific bra be worn?

After the breast augmentation surgery, a post-operative bandage is made that must be very compressive to avoid bleeding during the first post-surgical hours. Generally, patients stay overnight and that is when they must wear this compressive bandage, along with some drains in case there is some bleeding.

The risk of bleeding after a breast augmentation, if it happens, is usually after the first post-surgical hours so that, at the time of discharge, if the patient has not accumulated blood and presents correct inflammation, it will no longer be need to leave the pressure bandage or drains. From now on, she will only have to wear a sports bra 24 hours a day for the first three to four weeks.

Most patients who undergo breast augmentation are well within 2 days, and can return to work in a short time, always depending on the activity they develop.