Laser scar treatment

Doctora Brasó

Treating your scars with phototherapy will allow you to improve both the appearance and visibility of old scars, as well as to act, preventively, on scars after an intervention, just after the removal of the stitches, when you no longer have scabs. Depending on your particular case, the treatment is carried out with the FRAX 1550 laser, with the SWT laser or with a combination of the two.


Between 4 and 8 sessions.




It is usually permanent except in the case of keloids, which can be reactivated and the treatment must be repeated.

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Phototherapy manages to blur the scar and finish and / or avoid highlighting it. The treated area is flat, smooth and with a much healthier and more uniform skin appearance with the rest of your skin.

Are you the ideal candidate?

Whether you have an old scar that has become bulky and marked, or if you plan to undergo an intervention and want to prevent and treat it from the start, you are a good candidate. This treatment is suitable for all phototypes, except for IV-VI phototypes.

Our guarantee

Complications are not frequent. To minimize any inconvenience, carefully follow the instructions of our specialists, both before and after treatment. They are your greatest guarantee.

Back to normal

The laser treatment for scars is quick and easy and does not interfere in your day to day, since its recovery is immediate.

The results

Immediately the skin of your scar will recover a flat and smooth appearance. The treatment will restore the skin to its rosy hue, and a softer touch and appearance that will restore confidence and self-confidence.

The treatment

Phototherapy treatment consists of applying laser light to the area to be treated. In the case of SWT treatment, the application consists of a selective light band that, when converted to heat, lightens and flattens your scar. For old scars, the Frax 1550 laser is used, which restores the pink tone to the skin of the scar, blurring it and making it almost invisible.