Elimination of facial blemishes

Doctora Brasó

Age spots, redness and uneven pigmentation on your face will vanish thanks to our cutting-edge treatment, based on the market’s most advanced technology: Ellipse.

Thanks to facial rejuvenation with Ellipse, you will once again enjoy a young appearance, with a whole new glow. In just 2 or 3 sessions of less than 20 minutes, spots that have appeared over time will disappear thanks to this new, safe and effective treatment. The effects of genetics and prolonged exposure to the sun will vanish from your face.


2 or 3 sessions of less than 20 minutes.



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The SWT technology allows us to act on the melanin of the spots in a simple and very fast way. This type of laser allows you to control the transmitted energy, acting directly on the stain to be treated without damaging the surrounding tissue, so the treatment is very safe and with definitive results.

Are you the ideal candidate?

Ideal candidates are usually fair-skinned women, of all ages, who for various reasons have benign, superficial, dark spots on their skin.

The removal of spots is carried out by applying SWT light, a very safe technology that acts only on the melanin of the spots themselves, so the rest of the skin is not affected at any time. Selective Waveband Technology (SWT) works by lightening the spots by darkening them initially, and making them disappear after a few days.

Our guarantee

Complications are not frequent. It is a simple and very safe treatment. Carefully follow the instructions of our specialists, both before and after the treatment. They are your greatest guarantee.

Back to normal

The removal of spots with laser technology is a fast and safe treatment and does not interfere with everyday life. Initially, the treated spots will have a darker appearance that you can disguise with a little makeup. After 15 days, the spots will begin to lighten until they disappear completely.

The results

After the initial days, your skin will regain an even appearance. Treated spots will disappear permanently making you feel more confident and at ease with your appearance.