Capillary Mesotherapy

Doctora Brasó

The objective of this treatment is to regenerate the hair follicle through the application of a product enriched with bioimetic peptides and amino acids, which act to slow down and help you to recover lost hair quickly, comfortably and easily.


From 4 to 6 sessions, 20-minute session for 15 days.





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This treatment helps you recover lost hair and stop it falling through painless microinjections that are quickly applied to the hair follicle to be treated. Hair grows back, giving your mane a healthy and vital appearance.

Are your he ideal candidate?

If you suffer from hair loss and your mane has been left with a depopulated and poor appearance, you are an ideal candidate. The hair mesotherapy will help you to stop the fall and to recover the lost hair, giving you a strong and healthy mane.

The results

Recovering lost hair and stopping its fall will give you a healthier and more vital mane quickly and naturally. You will feel better and regain confidence and security.

Our guarantee

Complications are not frequent. Capillary mesotherapy is a simple and very safe treatment. Carefully follow the instructions of our specialists, both before and after treatment. They are your greatest guarantee.

Back to normal

This is a simple treatment. After the application you can return to your routine normally.

The treatment

Before starting treatment, our specialists will carefully study your scalp to detect the follicles to regenerate, which are like the roots of your hair. For this, a product is used that combines vitamins, amino acids and very powerful active principles: Biomimetic peptides that stimulate cell regeneration, revitalizing hair follicles; With this we manage to improve the circulation of the blood in the scalp and amino acids that help to generate follicular cells, providing strength and resistance to the hair.

Being a structural part of the hair, they therefore help its growth. In this way the regeneration of the follicles is favored, slowing down hair loss and stimulating their growth.
Prior application of topical anesthesia is recommended.