Over time, pollution and sun exposure, the skin loses nutrients, leaving it drier and with small wrinkles.

Mesotherapy is a treatment that restores youth and smoothness to your skin by applying micro-injections of biomimetic peptides, which are absorbed naturally and without any toxic effect, helping to regenerate your skin.


1 weekly session of 20 minutes for a month.




6 months.


This non-surgical treatment is quick and easy, and allows you to fight photoaging of the skin naturally and effectively. Your face is revitalized and hydrated, superficial wrinkles are smoothed and the skin regains the lost shine.

Are you the ideal candidate?

Facial mesotherapy is a non-aggressive treatment ideal for all those women between the ages of 35 and 55 who want to recover skin that is brighter, more hydrated and with fewer wrinkles naturally.

The treatment

After a detailed study of the central area and lower third of your face, our surgeons will determine the points where they will apply the compound of biomimetic peptides. The solution of this product is applied by means of painless micro-punctures in the areas to be treated, helping to regenerate them without any toxic effect.

Back to normal

Mesotherapy is a quick and simple treatment, and does not interfere with your day-to-day life, so you can live a normal life immediately.

The results

This treatment naturally stimulates the immune system of your skin, helping to improve its quality and enhance hydration from the inside. Mesotherapy will also help you eliminate small superficial wrinkles and prevent future skin aging thanks to the neutralization of free radicals.

Our guarantee

Mesotherapy is a simple and safe non-surgical treatment. Complications are not frequent. Carefully follow the instructions of our specialists, both before and after treatment. They are your greatest guarantee.