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Ultrasonic subcutaneous chest enhancement surgery

Ultrasound chest enhancement is a novel technique that absorbs excess, localised fat from the chest area. In this way patients benefit from a sculpted, athletic chest, increasing their confidence and self-esteem.

Tintoré & Brasó is the only facility in Spain offering this liposculpture technique, capable of moulding one’s figure, in detail, and with high-definition results. It combines the latest technology, surgical technique and art. In this way we can reduce chest volume and render your pectoral area more masculine, giving it a much more athletic look.

Type of procedure

Surgical, with general anaesthesia. To facilitate the post-operation phase, we employ a high-resolution ultrasound-guided nerve block system.

Mastopexia cutánea ultrasónica, antes y después


1 month.
With a post-surgical stretch vest and lymphatic drainage.


A 2 – 3 hour procedure.
A 1-night hospital stay or, at times, on an outpatient basis.

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    Thermal cryocontrast cabinet

    To accelerate recovery after an intervention, we complement the treatment with 3-minute cryotherapy sessions, in which in just a few seconds it goes from +80ºC to -196ºC.

    Quick and comfortable sessions with excellent anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects, in which the immune system is also stimulated.


    Through ultrasound-assisted chest enhancement surgery we not only remove excess, localised fat from the chest area, but also define the pectoral muscles and their contours, correcting and averting saggy pecs. We are also able to tone the area and increase pectoral muscle volume.

    Are you the ideal candidate?

    If you want to have chest enhancement surgery, and your pectorals are firm, without any sagging, you are the perfect candidate. If your pectorals present some sagging, but are not too large, you can also benefit from this treatment.

    The procedure

    It combines the latest technology, surgical technique and art. Cutting-edge technology, as it employs latest-gen ultrasound to emulsify fat before sucking it out. This surgical technique is an exclusive Tintoré & Brasó method, born of our team’s specific training and previous experience. And it is an art, because obtaining the desired muscle definition calls for an artistic appreciation of volumes and shadows that accounts for movement. The procedure is always carried out at our operating rooms, and in most cases requires an overnight stay. It usually takes from 2 to 3 hours, and is performed under general anaesthesia.

    The results

    You can begin to exercise again one month after the procedure. If you work out to tone the chest area you will noticed how the aesthetic results are maintained and exponentially enhanced.

    Postoperative recovery

    During the first month you will wear a bandage specially designed for this type of procedure, and undergo lymphatic drainage sessions in order to prevent inflammation.

    Back to normal

    Ultrasonic subcutaneous chest surgery is minimally invasive, so your recovery will be rapid, enabling you to get back to work in a question of days.

    Our guarantee

    Every year we successfully perform ultrasonic subcutaneous chest surgeries. Patients can rely on our qualified plastic surgeons. However, as is the case with any surgery, there is some level of risk. To minimise this, it is essential that you carefully follow our plastic surgeons’ instructions, both before and after surgery.