Medical Peel Treatment

Doctora Brasó

The medical peel helps to treat different skin disorders, giving it a smooth and uniform appearance, without impurities or pimples and with smoothed wrinkles.

For this, the superficial layers of the skin are exfoliated with different very safe and effective acids, depending on your specific needs.


From 1 to 4 sessions of 15 minutes depending on the acid used and the desired effect.


In the case of peeling with TCA or Nomelan / Phenol, the skin will present redness, inflammation and peeling during the first week.


Annual or biannual.

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The treatment is ideal to treat flaccidity and skin pigmentation disorders, remove impurities, wrinkles, blemishes, renew and rejuvenate the skin, and decrease the visibility of post-cancer marks. Your face will look healthier and smoother, you will feel more comfortable in your own skin.

Are you the ideal candidate?

The ideal candidates to undergo this treatment are women of all ages who have excessively oily skin, pimples, with an open pore, or have a dull and aged complexion that gives them an uneven appearance. Also indicated for any skin type that needs a renewal, personalizing the most suitable peeling for each case.

Our guarantee

Complications are not frequent. The medical facial peel is a simple and safe treatment. Carefully follow the instructions of our specialists, both before and after treatment. They are your greatest guarantee.

Back to normal

In some cases, the skin will appear reddened and will peel off during the first week after treatment. After the medical peel, it is recommended that you avoid sun exposure and use a protector.

The results

Your face is renewed. You will look better, with a skin with a better texture, softer, more uniform and with a better tone. Recovering the desired appearance will make you gain confidence and security.

The treatment

The medical peel consists of the application of a safe and effective acid on the skin. The type of acid that is applied will depend on the alterations that your skin presents and the results that you want to achieve with the treatment. Our specialists will prepare the area by degreasing your face in depth, and will apply the most suitable acid to treat your skin. After neutralization and to finish the peeling, if you want to enhance the effect, they will apply Retinol to seal the treatment.