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Blepharoplasty: rejuvenated look and without the appearance of fatigue
Blepharoplasty is plastic surgery designed to improve the area around the eyes. Whether it is the upper blepharoplasty, which corrects the sagging skin in the upper part of the eyelid, or the lower blepharoplasty, which acts on the bags that appear with age in the lower area of ​​the eyes. What does upper blepharoplasty correct? […]
Breast augmentation | Where are breast implants placed?
In a breast augmentation surgery, the placement of breast prostheses can be basically summarized in four types of technique, depending on the location plane: 1. Subglandular plane (breast prostheses are placed between the muscle and the gland) 2. Subfascial plane (breast prostheses are located between the membrane called fascia and muscle) 3. Total retromuscular plane […]
Breast augmentation | Post-operative without pain thanks to nerve blocks
The most common technique that we use for a breast augmentation is to place the breast prosthesis behind the pectoral muscle since it is the one that provides much better aesthetic results. The drawback of this surgical technique compared to the sub-glandular placement is that it is much more painful and recovery is slower. What […]
What is the best size for a breast augmentation?
When choosing the best size for a breast augmentation, it will depend on the anatomy of each person since we always seek to find harmony with the rest of the body and, of course, that the result is natural. When patients ask us for advice, we always recommend looking for a breast augmentation with the […]
Pit Augmentation, all the information you need in a single entry
Breast augmentation surgery is one of the most demanded by the female sector. Several factors must be taken into account before undergoing a breast augmentation, on the one hand the most appropriate technique for each person and on the other hand if the augmentation is going to be carried out using silicone breast prostheses or […]
Anesthesia with nerve blocks: cosmetic surgery without pain
In a cosmetic surgery operation, the use of the nerve block anesthesia technique inhibits the conduction of the nerve, preventing the transmission of pain and favoring that in the post-operative period it decreases and even makes the pain non-existent. Likewise, anesthesia with nerve blocks allows less use of medications such as morphine and side effects […]
What is mastectomy for transsexual patients
Mastectomy for transsexual patients is an increasingly requested surgery since the transsexual group is increasingly socially recognized and, in addition, there is great communication between them thanks to the Internet and Social Networks. What is the purpose of mastectomy in transsexual patients? The objective of a mastectomy in transsexual patients is to extract the mammary […]