4D Lipofit, an exclusive technique that represents a revolution in liposculpture. Thanks to it you’ll enjoy a body with an athletic look. Through the artistic employment of our cutting-edge 4D technology, and a unique surgical method, we will absorb the excess, localised fat from your body and reinsert it, without the use of implants.

The objective of this procedure is to sculpt the body’s shape by removing localised fat, allowing the patient to sport an athletic physique. In men, Lipofit 4D defines the abdominal muscles and other muscle groups, like the chest and shoulders, and the muscles of the lower back and buttocks.

Type of procedure

Surgery under general and nerve block anaesthesia, guided by high-resolution ultrasound to minimise postoperative pain.


1 month.
A post-surgery bandage is worn


A 2 to 5-hour surgery.
2 surgeons.
Requires an overnight stay.
Lymphatic massage and bandages are used.

Before and after
High Definition Lipovaser on the back, hips, abdomen and breasts.


9 months later


Lipofit 4D is the only technique that can provide you with the muscle definition, firmness and athletic physique you’ve always dreamed of. By customising the treatment in accordance with your preferences, in addition to achieving the appearance you desire it is an opportunity to regenerate collagen and stimulate tissue, resulting in enhanced, tenser skin. A range of muscle groups can be treated: the pecs or glutes, or even the calves, ankles, chin or the inside faces of the arms or thighs.

Are you the ideal candidate?

The ideal candidate for Lipofit 4D is any man who wishes to sculpt his body’s different muscle groups in detail in order to achieve an athletic look. It is also right for athletic men who, despite exercising regularly, are not getting the results they would like to see. If you are generally in good health, and are psychologically and emotionally stable, such that your expectations are realistic, you are a strong candidate. Think about what you want to achieve, and tell our plastic surgeons.

Our guarantee

Complications are rare and tend to be minor. Lipofit 4D is a safe technique. However, there is always the possibility of complications. To minimise this risk, especially if you are a smoker, it is imperative that you carefully follow our plastic surgeons’ instructions, both before and after surgery.

Postoperative recovery

After surgery, and especially during the first 24-48 hours, the patient usually feels tired. Once you have recovered from this fatigue, and depending on your activity levels, you should be able to resume your daily routine.

Back to normal

As a non-invasive procedure, recovery is rapid. Most of those who undergo Lipofit 4D feel well within 2 days, and are able to get back to work very soon. Our surgeons will monitor you throughout the process, and suggest exercises that you can gradually perform.

The results

Undergoing Lipofit 4D delivers immediate results, and success is assured. Having the body you always dreamed of will make you feel more confident and sure of yourself.

The procedure

We always perform Lipofit 4D surgery in an operating room at one of our hospitals. You will normally be hospitalised the night after surgery and abandon the facility the next day. Lipofit 4D is structured in two parts. The first, ultrasonic liposuction, involves removing fat deposits by applying ultrasound, which emulsifies it and facilitates its elimination through cannulas. The second, called lipoinjection or lipotransfer, involves applying the fat removed to those areas of the body being treated. The treatment employs stem cells, which improves and regenerates tissue.