A facelift will rejuvenate your facial appearance while maintaining a natural look. Through this procedure you will erase signs of ageing caused by stress and exposure to the sun, allowing you to feel younger and more self-confident.

The aim of this surgical technique is to rejuvenate the face and neck, correcting deterioration that occurs over time. You will gain in firmness and skin tone, while your face’s natural look is maintained.

Type of procedure

Surgery under general anaesthesia.


2 weeks.


A 2-4 hour procedure.
Requires an overnight stay.
Requires elastic bandage.


With this procedure you will minimise the wrinkles, lines and folds that adversely affect your facial appearance. Cervicofacial lifting tenses facial muscles, eliminates excess fat, and redistributes skin on the face and neck

Are you the ideal candidate?

Ideal candidates are those women who want to rejuvenate their facial features and skin without losing their natural expression.

The procedure

The technique involves a series of incisions along the hairline and around the ears to reposition the muscle layers, skin and fat, removing excess tissue. The scars will be hidden behind the hair and in the natural folds of the face. Facelifts are always performed at our operating rooms. Normally the patient remains at the clinic the night after surgery, leaving the facility the next day. Generally the operation is carried out under general anaesthesia, and takes 2-4 hours.

Back to normal

Signs of the procedure will normally disappear after about 2 weeks. Discomfort after the surgery is normally limited. If the patient does suffer any, it can be easily relieved with medication prescribed by our surgeons. You will need to keep your head elevated and avoid physical activity while you recover, until the swelling has subsided or disappeared, usually within the first two or three weeks.

The results

The results are long-lasting, and even after several years you’ll still be looking like a younger woman.

Postoperative recovery

A bandage is placed, which is removed after 24 hours and replaced with an elastic one. The first night after surgery a small tube may be placed behind the ear to drain any fluid that might have accumulated. Most of the stitches are removed after five days, and those under the hair, a bit later.

Our guarantee

Every year we perform successful facelifts. Patients can rely on our qualified plastic surgeons. Complications are rare and tend to be minor. Facelifts involve a safe technique. However, as is the case with any surgery, there is always the possibility of complications. To minimise this risk, especially if you are a smoker, it is imperative that you carefully follow our plastic surgeons’ instructions, both before and after surgery.