What is mastectomy for transsexual patients

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Mastectomía transgénero

Mastectomy for transsexual patients is an increasingly requested surgery since the transsexual group is increasingly socially recognized and, in addition, there is great communication between them thanks to the Internet and Social Networks.

What is the purpose of mastectomy in transsexual patients?

The objective of a mastectomy in transsexual patients is to extract the mammary glands and masculinize the patient’s chest, achieving a smooth and symmetrical chest.

At Tintoré Brasó we apply the exclusive Lipofit4D® surgery for mastectomy cases in transsexual patients. Depending on the size of the breasts, the Lipofit4D® technique works in a different way.

In those cases in which the breast is not very large or very sagging, mastectomy in transsexual patients using Lipofit4D® consists of removing the entire gland through the areola and, at the same time, reinjecting fat into the pectoral muscle. In this way, the patient enters the operating room with female breasts and leaves with gym chests.

Transsexual mastectomy in cases of voluminous breasts that require a nipple graft, is also performed with the Lipofit4D® technique to fill in the pectoral and the result is much more optimal, leaving the scar hidden under the pectoral volume.

The Lipofit4D® technique for transsexual patients

For male transsexual patients, the application of the Lipofit4D® technique at the body level is ideal. With this surgery it is possible to masculinize the patient’s body, toning the muscles, marking the abdominal six-pack, increasing the pectoral and marking the shoulders.

In the cases of female transsexual patients, through Lipofit4D® surgery, the patient’s fat is reinjected to increase the feminine curves.

Both in the cases of male and female transsexual patients, the results of mastectomy using the Lipofit4D® technique are incredible and the level of patient satisfaction is very high.

How does the life of transsexual patients change after Lipofit4D® surgery?

For our vocation as plastic surgeons, Lipofit4D@ is a very rewarding surgery because it means a lot to the transsexual patient, the changes for this type of patient go much further than the physical change itself.

For this reason, both for transsexual patients and for us surgeons at Tintoré Brasó, the Lipofit4D® technique represents double satisfaction.

How long does the mastectomy for transsexual patients with Lipofit4D® last?

The duration of a mastectomy for transsexual patients using the Lipofit4D® surgical technique lasts approximately 2 hours.

How is the postoperative period of mastectomy for transsexual patients?

The postoperative period of a mastectomy in transsexual patients with the Lipofit4D® technique is based on the same protocols that we use for other aesthetic surgeries. Working through anesthesia with a blocking system that ensures that the patient has very little pain and with a post-operative treatment that combines lymphatic massage, ultrasound and Vacuum therapy.

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